My name is Deanna Fedkowskyj. I am a certified personal trainer with a bachelor's in Exercise Science. I have been a physical education and health teacher for the past five years. Through my degree and job, I found my passion for fitness. The fitness industry allows me to help people grow and learn how to take care of their bodies.




FREE Consultation 

Virtual 1 on 1 session

Interested in hearing more about FedFitness? Book your free consultation with Coach Deanna to discuss your goals at fedfitness2020@gmail.com



30/60 Minute Personal Training Session

Personal training session based on your individual goals.

A PT session allows you to have a 1 on 1 workout together with your trainer. These workouts can be completed at home, outdoors, or in a gym! Sessions can be completed in person or virtually. Packages available! 

Starting at $35


Fedfitness Friday 

Group classes are great for motivation and consistency!

Weekly full-body classes available for all ages and levels! Reach out to fedfitness2020@gmail.com for more details.

$10 per person 


Build your Program

Programs are designed in advance for your leisure.

These workouts are provided all at once on a document. Programs can be 2-6 weeks long.  You can complete these programs at home or in the gym. No equipment needed. 

Starting at $70

Fitness Class

Group classes 

4-6 People (Virtual or in-person)

Group sessions allow you to work on your goals with your friends and family! Group sessions can be 30-45 minutes long. 

Staring at $10 per person 


Kids Classes

Get moving with fedfitness! (Virtual or in-person)

Variety of kids classes for all ages. These classes are designed to get moving and away from screen time. No sports experience needed.

Starting at $15 per person 


Lets Get There Together!

What You Can Expect

Llifting Weights
Ready to Run
Women in Fitness Clothes

Achieve Personal Goals

A Lasting Impact

FedFiteness allows you to create a better YOU that you'll have for a lifetime.

Improve Performance

Practice Makes Perfect

Starting is the hardest part. FedFitness allows you to grow, adapt, and learn.

Go at Your Own Pace

Make the Most of Your Time

FedFitness is designed to be specific to your lifestyle and goals.



Coach Deanna

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